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“Pet Portraits With Soul”© – is a truly customised service, enabling you to commission original pieces of artwork (highly detailed soft pastel paintings) of your much beloved companions great & small. 

Portraits are available of “all” and any animals such as “furries”, horses, birds, reptiles, bovidae, aquatics and any other wonderful “pets” or animal companions that you would love to have painted…

My aim is to truly capture the essence, of what you love so much about your companions. Bringing them “to life” with “lifelike” portraits, using your favourite photograph for my reference, enabling me to open the window into their “souls” – for you to cherish for many years to come!…

A “Pet Portrait With Soul”© also makes an excellent gift for a loved one, or as a memorial piece for a sadly lost beloved companion. All I need to create your portrait for you, is a clear “high quality” photograph of your “pet” for me to work with. 

If your companion is still with us, I can also provide you with some ‘photo tips’ that will help enable you to capture your perfect portrait image.

“Pet Portraits With Soul”©

(for all companions great & small)

Presented by
James P Watts